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We're proud of where we're going at Longview... and we're also very proud of the legacy that this church has left for nearly a century now. This page celebrates the history of Longview Baptist Church.

Longview Baptist Church began in 1923 when members began holding services at what was then called the Big Road on land donated by the Crews family. An arbor was built and church services were held under the arbordent repaired until a building could be built. Money was raised at old-time pie suppers and from freewill offerings and a small wooden church was erected in 1924. Highway 1207 was a new road at the time and the church gets its name from Dr. C.B. Durham, who observed the 'long view' down the new road.

In 1943, additional land was purchased and the first pastor's home was built. This home was remodeled and enlarged in 1947-48, and again in 1962.

A new church building, which included a sanctuary and classrooms, was built in 1944-45. Brick was added to the sanctuary portion of the building in 1956, and to the educational portion of the building in 1958. Also during this time a cemetery was started. In 1962 an organ was purchased, and air conditioning was added to the sanctuary.

In 1969-70, a new auditorium was built. This building is now our youth building. In 1973 the first part of the old educational building was constructed. In 1980 a new pastor's home was built.

As our church grew, more space was needed for education and in 1987 the second part of the old educational building was constructed. In 1989-90, the Family Life Center was constructed and paid for with sacrificial giving of pledges by our members, and donations from friends and loved ones. In 1996 the church purchased a 29-passenger bus.

As our church family has grown, God has blessed us with additional properties and buildings. Our current sanctuary was completed in March of 2000, and serves as our fourth auditorium. This building has been paid for in full by our members' sacrificial pledges and gifts.

In August 2009 our new children's/education building was completed. In keeping with our heritage, this building is also being paid for by sacrificial pledges.

Our church's history cannot be summed up by buildings and bricks. Over these many years, it has seen hundreds of people follow Jesus and grow and serve Him. We have grown from a membership of a handful, to over 500 members.

Longview celebrates its 100th year of operation! God has used this church and its body to change countless lives over the past eight decades. The approaches of the church are constantly changing to meet the ever-changing needs of the community.


Please check back soon... we hope to be adding more pictures and information to this page as we work to make it an online archive of the legacy of Longview Baptist Church.

You can help!

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