Interested in becoming a Member? We'd love to have you as part of our family.
Here is the basic information you need regarding joining with us at Longview.


Anyone can become a member of the body of Christ. Part of that process involves finding a church home where you can worship and grow together in community, fellowship, and discipleship. Here is what you need to know about becoming a member of Longview Baptist Church.

How do I become a candidate for membership?

  • You can come forward at the invitation of any of our worship services and talk to the Pastor or one of the staff members. They will help walk you through the process.


What are the membership requirements?

  • Profess Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior
  • Be baptized by immersion (at LBC or in a previous church)
  • Be approved by the church body


Are there different ways to become a member?
Yes, there are several ways people join Longview Baptist Church:

  • By professing faith in Jesus Christ and following Him in water baptism
  • By transferring your membership letter from another Southern Baptist Church
  • By your statement of faith in Christ, and baptism by immersion after salvation in another church.


What are the expectations of members?

  • Commit to a life-long process of growing in the likeness of Christ and spiritual maturity through prayer, Bible study, service and worship
  • Be involved with other members in worship
  • Encourage and disciple others toward maturity in Christ
  • Identify and exercise spiritual gifts in the church and community through ministry
  • Be willing to tell others about your relationship with Jesus Christ
  • Live your life so that God is glorified and honored
  • Support our mission, vision and long term goals through prayer, attendance and stewardship of time, talents and resources



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